Why R2-D2 didn't recognize Yoda on Dagobah (2023)


Have you ever wondered, why doesn't R2 recognize the Jedi Master in ep. 5? Especially since the two had fought together throughout the Clone Wars. Here, I give my best answer.


What's up guys hope you all had a great week been a little while since I've been able to do this I've just been filming and prepping for the euro 2 video, which might be coming out tonight.

So I think I'm on this will be via 97.

So I have 98 99 to do, but it's, a yes, I enjoyed it so much it's just it's, very comical and everything I do on you.

This is supposed to be pretty funny.

Anyways, I wanted to do a video about something that I saw in the Star Wars universe because I've been watching through the Clone Wars and I got to the last couple episodes, which if you know know that it's a it's a journey that Yoda goes on that's, kind of like a lost tales or something like that.

And a lot of the episodes get into like this yet, I write before they find out about the big betrayal in Episode three.

And so they're, digging into seif ideas, they're finding out about the plot that the dark side has against them or and Yoda goes on a journey of self-discovery it's where he finds out about far gone.

And during that time I had to ask myself, why doesn't r2d2 remember Yoda there's, just nothing that's really brought up.

However, clearly in the Clone Wars series Yoda and our to go on this mission together for I assume a few days, perhaps a week, but you know, three episodes I think is what it is.

And one of the places they go to is Dagobah.

So the question is, why in Episode five does our to not remember Yoda won cause he knows Yoda and - he's been today over with.

So why not so I came up with three ideas.

And of course, none of this is canon.

This is just my thoughts, of course, to me canon as as everything before Disney and anything in Disney that I like nicely because I like the old stuff, the legends all the books I grew up reading all that.

So anyways, in case, you hadn't been on the channel that long.

So none of this has been written down as far as I know.

But so my thoughts are I think there's, three reasons first of all I think it just talks about how how the droids are supposed to work there's.

A reason that they memory-wipe all the droids there's.

A couple reasons one is because you know, okay, they tend to carry around classified information.

But also because just as you, you know, no one you're on your cell phone like the more memory you have in there, the slower it works.

So if you and sometimes droids behave differently, when they have too much memory, which is why c-3po is wiped all the time.

But on that note, it's kind of as a side rabbit trail, c-3po in Episode, four remembers that Clone Wars, but he's been mine white.

So I, don't know what what's going on there.

But yeah, so I think the fact that r2 has not had his memory wiped as far as we know, the his brain, his calculations, probably don't work as well as they used to because he's got so much information stored up in that little body of this and he's trying to run all these other programs.

So he probably doesn't, you know, have everything just kind of like an old man, you know, probably doesn't, remember everything he forgets.


Similarly, the Droid has so much memory, you know, losses things or it just kind of clouds and causes the rest to malfunction a little bit.

So that's, one, one thought I had and one another is that Yoda is just so different in episode 5.

He kind of acts like a crazy guy like a hermit he's been gone for 20 years, live and he's.

Just different he's.

Not the same.

You know, des that we see and so it's possible that our two, you know, didn't think anything of it.

You know, it been 20 years your even though he had said, the name, you know, combine the two he looked.

He didn't look like the Yoda and so it's possible also that year two had used like a force power to conceal his identity, I mean, he'd kind of gone to dig of it because it's such heavy in the dark side in general.

And so that masked his presence and then it's possible that it even masked, his presence to like normal people who can't see the force and even maybe droids.

So I don't know about that.

And so it's very possible that Yoda, you know, used a power on him or it's because that he he acts so different even here.

And then you know, my other thought is that r2 has had 20 more years of information into his logs.

And if it hasn't been mine white, then which I don't think r2 has ever been mine warrant.

Then it makes sense for him, not to really be able to comprehend everything, which I hate to say about Archie because he's, you know, I think the best Droid in the universe him in Threepio ever every other droid is kind of like a take-off on those two they're, trying to match the greatness of those two some fail.

Some don't I think the ones that usually do well are the ones that don't match them that they don't look like they're, trying to mask them or match them.

So bb8, I like him, I like the droid from wrote one I can never remember his name.

There I like HK 47 from the video games.

It's blanking on me of the moment coat or not sale, Republic I like him I, even like the Droid that the other drawer I, forget his name that you get in that the protocol, drawing I mean, the astromech droid.

So yeah, that's that's kind of another sad Tanger there.

But yeah, so I think that's.

Why are you arty doesn't recognize you - I bet you that yota probably remembers our -? You know, he remembers sayings, but it's possible that living in isolation for 20 years on Dagobah that's kind of messed with our tooth or with Yoda's brain, but I think he was definitely testing the and in r2 so I bet you that Yoda knew exactly he or she was obi-wan.

Remember him.

So yeah, or at least somewhat I mean after 20 years, you know, saying all sorts of different drawers.

You probably don't, remember specific droids unless you're Anakin.

So and I already did a video on that why anakin doesn't hang out with droids.

So if you're interested, you can check that out I'll try to link that.


So that's my thoughts, let me know what you thought you know, old age of r2 with not getting his memory.

Wives Yoda might be using a fourth power, slash the dark side of the planet and then you're just acting so different.

So those are my three thoughts on that.

And let me know what you think I'm interested to hear what you have to think about that and I will catch you next time.

Hopefully pretty soon you'll get the the New Year video and I'll catch you next time.



Did R2-D2 recognize Yoda on Dagobah? ›

So there you have it. Yoda and R2D2 knew each other and the galaxy is even a smaller world than we think.

Did Yoda and R2 recognize each other? ›

Yoda recognized R2-D2 during The Empire Strikes Back.

Did Yoda not remember R2? ›

With that in mind, it is somewhat surprising Yoda knew it was R2-D2 in The Empire Strikes Back just by looking at him - even though they hadn't seen each other for years. Though R2-D2 is an icon amongst Star Wars fans, astromechs are very common in-universe and many of them don't stand out from the crowd.

Why was Yoda so weird on Dagobah? ›

The way that I interpret Yoda's strange behaviours on Dagobah is not that he had lost his sanity, but was bored. Really, really bored. As Grand Master of the Jedi Order, Yoda had spent centuries right in the thick of things. Many of the wisest and most powerful beings in the galaxy came to him for advice.

Could R2 have saved Grogu? ›

R2-D2, the indomitable droid and mainstay of the Star Wars series, may be responsible for one more incredible feat: saving Grogu.

Does Grogu remember R2-D2? ›

We also know Grogu doesn't remember who saved him, which explains why the reaction wasn't mutual. R2's past in between trilogies is still a mystery, and The Mandalorian finale revives an old theory: R2 is actually a rebel agent.

Did R2 know Darth Vader was Anakin? ›

During Palpatine's reign as Emperor, his apprentice's true identity was kept a secret, leaving only a few Star Wars characters aware Anakin was Darth Vader. Besides Obi-Wan, Master Yoda also knew the truth, as well as Ahsoka Tano, R2-D2 and C-3Po, and even Senator Bail Organa.

Did Vader recognize R2 and 3Po? ›

Further in Empire Strikes Back, neither Yoda nor Darth Vader recognizes either droid.

Why doesn t Darth Vader remember R2-D2? ›

When R2D2 was missing in action, Anakin went to great lengths to rescue him, even distrusting his replacement droid, which turned up to be a mole planted by General Grievous. R2 was on Mustafar when Anakin became Vader. That, perhaps, explains that he doesn't try to reacquire him.

Why didn t Vader recognize C-3PO and R2? ›

How did Darth Vader not recognize C3PO? Real-world: they weren't connected when the original films were written. Same goes for how he didn't sense Leia's relation to him or Force abilities when standing directly in front of her.

How many times has R2 been to Dagobah? ›

How many times has R2-D2 been to Dagobah? Three.

Why does old Obi-Wan not remember R2-D2? ›

Obi-Wan never technically owned R2-D2 or any droid in the prequels. R2 belonged to Padmé Amidala before she gifted him to Anakin Skywalker, and after the war, both R2 and C-3PO became the property of Bail Organa. Obi-Wan knew him, but never owned him.

What was Yoda's mistake? ›

Master Yoda failed Anakin Skywalker in Star Wars: Episode II — Attack of the Clones, and it resulted in the destruction of the Jedi Order. Master Yoda is one of the most revered characters in the Star Wars universe, and for good reason, but he ultimately failed in stopping the rise of the Sith.

Did Luke actually fight Vader on Dagobah? ›

A duel took place in the Cave of Evil between Luke Skywalker and a vision of Darth Vader. It was part of Skywalker's Jedi training by Yoda because if he entered the cave, he could face his darkest fears. During the duel, Skywalker gained the upper hand and used his lightsaber to behead the illusion of Vader.

Did the Sith fear Yoda? ›

As powerful as Darth Sidious may have been, it's easy to forget he actually seemed afraid of Master Yoda. As seen in Revenge of the Sith, Palpatine initially thought he could deal with the aged Jedi Master - and then, when Yoda proved able to counter the Sith Lord's Force lightning, he fled.

Who is the black Jedi that saved Grogu? ›

As depicted in "Chapter 20: The Foundling," Grogu was rescued from the attack on the Jedi Temple by Jedi Master Kelleran Beq. Beq completed the daring escape that got Grogu to safety, then escaped the attack with his life.

Where is R2-D2 during Order 66? ›

R2-D2 was on Coruscant during Order 66. While it did not show the droid during the initial march to the Jedi Temple, he was clearly seen in Anakin Skywalker's starfighter when he visited Padme after the massacre.

Why was Grogu wanted dead? ›

Grogu's force sensitivity is the strongest reason that there is a bounty on him. While force sensitivity is the most important trait that he is being hunted down for, the imperial remnant might be seeking him to study the genetic traits, for cloning, or for training him to become one of them.

Did C-3PO and R2-D2 lose their memory after Revenge of the Sith? ›

The two droids were dumped back on the streets, their memories wiped of the incident. Unlike R2-D2, Threepio's mind is wiped of all memories after the birth of Luke and Leia.

Did R2-D2 know Obi-Wan was on Tatooine? ›

Since Obi-Wan and Anakin often fought together, Obi-Wan was friends with R2-D2 as well. This means that although R2-D2 might not have immediately recognized Obi-Wan on Tatooine due to his age, Obi-Wan should have recognized the droid.

Can Anakin understand R2? ›

Star Wars Characters That Can Understand Droids

While all droids understand Binary, only a handful of living creatures can. Canon characters, such as Anakin Skywalker, whose relationship with R2-D2 is one of the best in the whole series, Rey, Poe Dameron, Hera Snydulla and Kazuda Xiono are fluent in the droid language.

Why doesn t C-3PO remember Obi-Wan? ›

“It's good to fly with you again, my old friend,” the old man said, so softly Han wasn't sure he had heard him right. C-3P0 didn't; his memory was wiped at the end of Revenge of the Sith to prevent him from spilling the beans.

Why didn t R2-D2 tell Luke Vader was his father? ›

R2-D2 was in on the scheme to keep the secret away from Luke and Leia. He was devoted to the Skywalker family, and at the guidance of Obi-wan and Yoda, he would have maintained that secret in order to help protect the twins.

What happened to R2-D2 after Anakin became Darth Vader? ›

He was present for the birth of Darth Vader, but also the death of his former Jedi companion. Senator Bail Organa takes ownership of R2-D2 after Anakin completes his metamorphosis into a Sith Lord.

Why didn't Darth Vader sense Leia was his daughter? ›

However, Leia's strong-mindedness during Vader's probe denied him the opportunity to discover she was his daughter. That serves to justify Vader's lack of awareness of his connection to Leia, although, perhaps, not as satisfyingly as if Lucas had planned for the relationship from the beginning.

Why didn t Darth Vader use Force Lightning? ›

Darth Vader can not use force lighting, because of his severed arms. Robotic hands can't summon the force lighting. However Darth Vader can still use other forms of the force, such as force choke.

Did the actors of R2-D2 and C-3PO hate each other? ›

According to The Telegraph, the two Star Wars actors didn't have the underlying appreciation for each other that their constantly-bickering characters did. But the extent of their hatred for each other may have been exaggerated. The two didn't have much face-to-face time during filming.

Does R2-D2 know Luke is Anakin's son? ›

Yes…. even in Revenge of the Sith. Artoo was part of a conversation that was very much a secret. While Threepio heard too, his memory banks were wiped clean afterwards.

Why doesn't Darth Vader take off his helmet? ›

If he were to take his mask off, the Sith Lord would soon suffocate. So it's the most crucial part of his armor. He can only breathe without the need for his mask when he is in one of his meditation chambers seen in The Empire Strikes Back.

How did Uncle Owen not recognize C-3PO? ›

He could have recognized C-3PO as a tool from his past, but showed no outward signs of remembering him because he thought it unessential. Remembering the droid would have been a purely emotion-based moment for Owen that served no purpose in his eyes.

Why can't C-3PO translate Sith? ›

Why is C-3PO forbidden to translate the Sith-Runic language? Rather simple. All protocol droids have the ability to translate. But a Senate ruling put in a rule that required all translating droids to be forbidden to translate, and if such system is overridden, to erase the droid's memory.

Why do C-3PO and R2-D2 not remember Tatooine? ›

Because Bail Organa had them wipe his memory at the end of Revenge Of The Sith and he never came back to Tatooine until A New Hope.

What eats R2 on Dagobah? ›

When Luke Skywalker arrived on Dagobah in 3 ABY, the King of the Dragonsnakes swallowed his astromech droid R2-D2, but then spit the droid back out due to its being indigestible. After that, he waited for the opportunity to strike at Skywalker himself.

How old is Yoda when he dies? ›

Yoda claims to have been training Jedi for 800 years. The second time Yoda mentions his long life is in Return of the Jedi, when he tells Luke, “When you reach 900 years old, you will not look as good as you will.” If we take Yoda at his word, that means the Jedi Master died at the ripe old age of 900.

Is Dagobah strong in the Force? ›

The sun was called Dagobah Prime. It is noted as being one of the purest places in the galaxy, incredibly strong in the living force, and being chosen by Jedi Yoda as the planet to go into exile on to mask his presence and avoid discovery by the Galactic Empire.

Does Darth Vader ever meet R2-D2? ›

After Anakin falls to the dark side of the Force and becomes Darth Vader, he takes R2-D2 with him when he goes to assassinate the Separatist council, but tells him to stay with the ship.

Does Darth Vader remember Padme? ›

Vader agreed to help the handmaiden, silently recalling the time he spent with Padmé in the process. In this moment, he was once again Anakin Skywalker, a young man in love who simply wanted to change the world for the better.

Did Palpatine underestimate Yoda? ›

And while Yoda and Palpatine both worked with the Senate, they treated each other with the utmost respect. While Palpatine plotted in the shadows and planned his Galactic Empire, he underestimated Yoda. And even when Yoda discovered Palpatine's true nature, Yoda underestimated his power.

Who was Yoda's biggest enemy? ›

Neither lightsabers nor the Force could help Yoda defeat Darth Sidious. Though Yoda was able to keep his adversary on his toes, he was unable to end the conflict, and their duel ended with no clear victor.

Could Yoda have stopped Anakin? ›

One of the main reasons why Yoda would've won against Anakin is simply because he was far better trained than him. Yoda could see the moves his opponents were going to make before they made them; therefore, battling against Anakin would've put him at a far heavier advantage.

Why is the cave on Dagobah Dark Side? ›

The manifestation explained that the purity of Dagobah added to the strength of the Force on the planet, and led Yoda to the cave, informing him it was a place where the answers he sought concerning the identity of the Lord of the Sith would be revealed.

Who was the fake Vader? ›

David Charles Prowse MBE (1 July 1935 – 28 November 2020) was an English actor, bodybuilder, strongman and weightlifter. He portrayed Darth Vader (voiced by American actor James Earl Jones) in the original Star Wars trilogy and a manservant in Stanley Kubrick's 1971 film A Clockwork Orange.

Who is the most feared Jedi? ›

Jedi Master Yoda is the most powerful of them all. This should come as no surprise, as he was the head of the Jedi Order in the prequels and was revered for his abilities during the original trilogy. Yoda's power is unmatched and was a real threat to Darth Vader and the Imperials.

Who was Palpatine most afraid of? ›

Palpatine admits to Darth Vader that the Jedi he actually feared most was none other than Jocasta Nu.

Why couldn t Yoda beat Dooku? ›

Dooku and Yoda have had a long history. Master Yoda trained him, but Dooku also trained Qui-Gon Jinn, Obi-Wan's master. The lineage of master and apprentice runs deep, and it was Dooku's fall to the Dark Side that hit Yoda very hard.

Why doesn't R2-D2 recognize Yoda? ›

But the real reason they didn't recognize each other is that they never met before.

Why didn t Kenobi recognize R2? ›

Obi-Wan Was Pretending He Didn't Know R2-D2

The base assumption of why Obi-Wan doesn't remember R2-D2 -- in light of the prequels -- is that Obi-Wan is feigning ignorance in A New Hope to downplay the importance of the droid's arrival.

Who found Yoda on Dagobah? ›

Qui-Gon spoke to Yoda on Dagobah and led him to a cave that was strong with the dark side of the Force. Inside it, the Jedi Grandmaster experienced a vision of Darth Sidious's victory. Yoda now understood that the dark side would triumph, and he must find another way to defeat the Sith.

Why did R2-D2 never tell Luke Skywalker that Darth Vader was Anakin Skywalker? ›

Despite all the convoluted, fantastical answers on here, there is in fact a very simple reason. R2-D2 was keeping it a secret. He did not reveal the truth for the same reason that Obi-wan Kenobi did not reveal the full truth. R2-D2 was in on the scheme to keep the secret away from Luke and Leia.

Did Vader recognize R2 and 3PO? ›

Further in Empire Strikes Back, neither Yoda nor Darth Vader recognizes either droid.

Did the 501st recognize Kenobi? ›

Obi-Wan was one of the prominent generals of the Galactic Republic during the Clone Wars, who fought side by side with Anakin and the 501st. So, it could be likely that the Clone trooper indeed recognized the Obi-Wan.

Who was Yoda's first Padawan? ›

To teach Anakin responsibility, Yoda assigned Skywalker a Padawan learner: Ahsoka Tano. Yoda knew there would come a time when Anakin had to let go of Ahsoka.

Which Jedi Master lived his last years on the planet Dagobah? ›

Yoda lived the planet Dagobah for the rest of his life. After his failure to defeat the Sith Lord Darth Sidious following the formation of the Galactic Empire, Yoda exiled himself to Dagobah.

Did Yoda have a lightsaber on Dagobah? ›

Yoda kept a second lightsaber on Dagobah inside his hut in 3 ABY after his previous one was lost during a duel in the Galactic Senate against Darth Sidious and then incinerated during a celebration of the Jedi Order's eradication in 19 BBY.

Why didn t Owen recognize C-3PO? ›

He could have recognized C-3PO as a tool from his past, but showed no outward signs of remembering him because he thought it unessential. Remembering the droid would have been a purely emotion-based moment for Owen that served no purpose in his eyes.

Why did Leia not remember Obi-Wan? ›

Throughout her encounters with Kenobi in the series, he refers to himself as Ben. The most straightforward explanation would be that Leia knows the person who rescued her is Ben, and never connected the dots that Ben is actually Obi-Wan.

Did R2 belong to Anakin? ›

After the battle, R2-D2 and C-3PO were the sole witnesses to the marriage of Anakin Skywalker and Padmé Amidala in Lake Country. After this Padmé gave ownership of R2 to Anakin while she kept 3PO.

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